The intelligent Internet Ordering System

The internet ordering system that increases revenue per sale through an easy to use shopping cart with behavioral tracking technology.

Sell more with a Smart Shopping Cart

Our shopping cart has been designed to make the shopping process easy for your customers.

Multiple ways to sell

Sell before picture day with pre-orders or pre-payments and once photos are online, maximise your proofing and re-order sales.

Promote and upsell

Promote featured products in your shopping cart and respond to customer actions with behavioral campaigns to drive more sales.

Mobile and tablet friendly

Allow your clients to shop from any mobile or tablet device with a 100% compatible and responsive shopping cart.

Send personalized and targeted Marketing

Our Automated Behavioral Marketing™ technology tracks every action your visitors make during their shopping session. Trigger behavioral email campaigns tailored to suit each visitor, parent or customer.

Tackle shopping cart abandonment

Deploy emails within hours of a shopping cart abandonment to recover the sale before it is too late.

Use relevant messaging

Increase the potential of a sale by making sure that your studio communicates in a way that is relevant to your customer.

Send timely communications

Send the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Automate and streamline job maintenance

Automate the lifecycle of your high volume school, sports or event photography jobs. Just set and forget.

Automated job lifecycles

Schedule jobs to automatically transition from a pre-payment stage to proofing and re-order without having to lift a finger. Jobs can have unlimited stages throughout their lifespan.

Adapt business rules over time

Increase your prices for late season re-orders or offer alternate shipping options before the holidays to guarantee delivery. It is all possible with Job Stages.

Get online in minutes not hours

Setting up a job is simple and easy. Create unlimited job templates and stop wasting hours repeating the same setup for each job.

“We did our entire spring and fall seasons with Fotomerchant. Wow! The online ordering process is so much more intuitive now resulting in our revenues being up by 10%. Their customer service is great!”
Mychalene Black
Production Manager, Excel Photographers
Ready to use Fotomerchant HV for your next job?

Real time sales dashboards

View your online sales as they happen with our real time dashboards.

Understand your online sales

How do your sales compare to last year? What day of the week and time of the day do the majority of your online sales occur? What is your average revenue per customer? Get these answers instantly.

Metrics that matter

Our pre-made dashboards come packed with data to understand your sales performance. Request a customized dashboard for your studio.

Visualize your data

Live, auto-refreshing dashboards and interactive charts that anyone can use and understand.

Big screen support

Display your dashboards on a large office monitor or TV.

Integrated with Industry Systems

Fotomerchant HV is integrated with established industry tools used by your studio.

Photolynx ImageMatch, FLOW and PLIC

Export order and subject data directly out of Fotomerchant HV and import it into ImageMatch and FLOW. Create jobs automatically with PLIC. Fotomerchant HV will automatically import all your PLIC Subject data for your jobs.

Full Color Ordering System

Export jobs from the Full Color Online Ordering system to Fotomerchant HV. All orders are then automatically imported by Full Color for printing and dispatching.

Ready to use Fotomerchant HV for your next job?